About Us

Hello and welcome to Juniper Gifts!

I’m Zoë and I live in beautiful Dorset with my husband and two beautiful daughters.


I’ve been “making” ever since I can remember and am passionate about all things craft, which is what Juniper Gifts is all about.

As a child, my French Grandma taught me how to knit, I picked up sewing from my Maman and was encouraged in my childish modelling endeavours by my Papa, who greeted all my creations with effusive enthusiasm.

My teenage years saw me making my own clothes and in later years I took courses in ceramics and silver smithing.  I love working with all materials, from fabric to clay to metals.  Everything you will find at Juniper Gifts is completely hand made – predominantly by me, some by my highly artistic husband, Louis – be it sewn, knitted, glued, painted, soldered, printed or modelled.

All products/components are sourced with political, environmental and humanitarian ethics in mind; I do not purchase from bad sources that mistreat either people, animals or the planet.

My deep belief in the importance of protecting this incredible planet we live on means that I also focus on upcycling and recycling materials as much as possible.  I love sourcing vintage fabrics and re-working them into new items, giving them a fresh lease of life.  This also means that the majority of the items I produce are truly unique.  I do only use new materials for children’s items, however, so as to ensure they conform with current safety standards.

I hope that you will find something you like at Juniper Gifts.  Custom orders are always welcome – contact us for more information and a no-obligation enquiry.

Thank you for visiting; feel free to let us know what you think and please stop by again soon! 🙂